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Cinnamon is filled with a wide range of amazing food types, so it's all up to you to create your menu! The appetizers include food like chicken pakora, onion bhaji, prawn or king prawn puree and vegetable kofti among many others.

The Cinnamon restaurant also has some great house delicacies that include stuff like Chom Chom Chicken / Lamb, Chicken Aloo Poneer, Tawhidy Chicken, Jalfrezi, Murghi Keema as well as Palak Peswari.

Our menu also integrates some special Tandoori Delicacies that you can't find anywhere else. These include Tandoori Mixed Grill, Bandorbon Grill and Chicken or Lamb Tikka. We are also offering you some traditional dishes like Curry, Ceylon, Bhuna, Patia, Vindaloo, Dansak, Korma, Rogan and Dupiaza.

All of these clearly show the commitment that we have towards authentic, one of a kind and tasty Indian food.

We focus quite a lot on the idea of offering you a refined, professional and unique experience that you will appreciate and enjoy. We also deliver some unique Balti Dishes that will help you obtain the true and unique benefit that Indian food has, all in a very refined and stylish experience.

Our food is prepared by the best cooks in the region and we work very hard in order to offer you a great and authentic way of tasting this type of food. Cinnamon makes tasting Indian food not only a necessity, instead it makes it an art, a unique experience that you need to try out as often as possible!

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